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In darkness there can be light. by MONOARROW

First of all, let me say that you have come a long way in a short time! While I usually expect to see luminescent glow effects in your ...

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So that happened. I also got accepted into UNCG. Now I have no idea which college to pick and I need to decide before May 1st.
creepy research by sorrowscall
creepy research
I couldn't decide on just one, so I drew all of them! :D
They all belong to their specific owners. I don't own any of 'em.
Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve by sorrowscall
Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve
I don't own Uncle Grandpa. I have no idea who owns it.
I've been watching this with my little sister. I'm not much of a fan but she absolutely adores it. My favorite character is Mr. Gus. -w-
Stretchy Moxie by sorrowscall
Stretchy Moxie
The Moxie of Stretching
Moxie alias: Vanity
Real Name:  Denise
Age: 17
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Home Town: Arlington, Texas
Power: Elongating body parts.
Ability: Can stretch her fingers and arms to longer or smaller links than she is.
Weakness:  Her power and ability won't work in cold temperatures; she'll barely be able to move her arms. She's also dumber than a stack of bricks. Her own vainess. Easily mislead. Easily lied to.
Affiliation: Stanley
Cause of Death: She wanted bee stung lips, but she didn't know she was deathly allergic to bees. Being her, she thought getting a bee to sting her on the lips would work. Well, at least it worked.
Goal(s): To get her wish.
Personality: She's rather happy alot. She can be indignant when people make fun of her shortness. When she wants something, she doesn't care how she gets it or who she has to suck up to.
Why was were they chosen as the Moxie of ????:  When she was younger, she would look at her older, much taller siblings, and wish she could stretch out her arms and hands to be thin and spindly like theirs were. When she was older, and remained short, she didn't take it well.
Any Fun Facts?: She has three older sisters. All are models. All are dumb as bricks. Apple didn't fall far from the tree either.
What does their voice sound like?: Like an evil Amy Diamond.
Theme Song: Into the City, by Amy Diamond.

For :iconitsaaudra:'s contest.
Dr. Horrible Sketch by sorrowscall
Dr. Horrible Sketch
Edit: Digital version now posted.
Dr. Horrible belongs to whomever owns it. ((I think it's either Neil Patrick Harris Himself or the Josh guy from Commentary! The musical.))


the living end
United States
Current addictions: Anime, art, rpg games, Christmas, lots of stuff.
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Okay guys. I'll still be pretty off and on as far as submitting things til' monday. However, from there I should start being able to answer messages and writing and so on again.

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Thank you... I've watched the movie a lot and got to know Valentine very well before I made it :D
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