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In darkness there can be light. by MONOARROW

First of all, let me say that you have come a long way in a short time! While I usually expect to see luminescent glow effects in your ...

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  • Mood: Thrilled
  • Listening to: blender tutorials
  • Watching: blender tutorials
  • Eating: I wish
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper
  • Mood: Thrilled
  • Listening to: blender tutorials
  • Watching: blender tutorials
  • Eating: I wish
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper
Tagged to do this by :icongirlyrainbowvampire:
Here are some facts about me for lately:
1. I plan on seeing Goosebumps movie again when it hits dollar theaters and then buying the directors cut dvd when it comes out.
2. I still can't watch the Excorcist all the way through while alone.
3. I like Halloween and dressing up, but I'm not really interested in the candy.
4. Weirdmageddon Part 1 from Gravity Falls are like a drug for my eyes...I can't just have one hit of that awesome weirdness. Also, Pyronica is cute.
5. The Goosebumps Movie Slappy is the only version of him that ever gave me a nightmare.
6-13: You may never know.

The questions to be answered: 
1. How was your Halloween?

It was okay. Our boss let us dress up so I went to work as a Pikachu. There was one kid playing pokemon on his DS while waiting for his food. It was a big hit among everybody and I wasn't overheated in my usual outfit.

2. Have you seen the new Goosebumps movie?
Yes, and I plan on seeing it numerous times more in the future.

3. Have you seen the movie called Crimson Peak?
No, and I don't really intend to.

4. Have you seen a movie called The Last Witch Hunter?
No, and I also have no intentions to.

5. What would you say your favorite movie of all time is?
MirrorMask. Naturally, It's a Jim Henson company film. I believe it's one of the few (or only) made after his death. Don't qoute me on that. It's a trip and my icon is supposed to be Valentine's mask from the movie.

6. What would you say your favorite holiday is?
Christmas/Halloween are equally important to me.

7. How do you feel when people ask your age?
confused. I'm never sure if I should lie and tell them the age I look or tell them the truth of the age I actually am. It'd be nice to be...17 again. XD *shot for movie ref*
8. What are your thoughts on porn?
Good for anatomy practice probably.

9. Do you ever want kids? Or do you already have them?
I intend on having one. Maybe 2. I'd like to adopt. 

10. Do you have any "senpais" on this website or any other website. Or maybe even in real life.
I don't think so, but I do have artists on this site that I look up to. I want to be able to tell stories or draw like them one day. Some examples are :iconcountandra: :iconitsaaudra: and :BatchZombie ((Whom may not remembe me but I still watch her cuz her art is amazing! ><))
11. What's the scariest thing you've ever seen in your life?
....the ghost of a dead girl hanging from a hanger in my mother's closet in the middle of the night.

12. What are your thoughts on this icon? Llama Emoji-22 (Waving) [V1] 
....can't tell if it's a sheep or a cat.

13. Did these questions make you feel weird or embarrassed?

You don't have to do it but I think I will tag....nobody. I think everyone I know has done this already?
  • Mood: Thrilled
  • Listening to: blender tutorials
  • Watching: blender tutorials
  • Eating: I wish
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper
I was all set to buy my tickets for Goosebumps for the Monday after next only to find out that some theaters are playing it on the's like 4 theaters that are all in my neighborhood doing that. However, when riding/driving I can't seem to find these theaters and roads in general are still new to me so navigating is difficult. DX

....considering dressing up as Curly for the premier if I go to the premier...

I had another first world problem where I have to help with an oral report and the group immediately picked me to do the "historical facts" since it was because I "seemed to have a knack for it"....but it's really because the others in the group haven't really studied at all. I solved this problem....with Wikipedia. 

My other problem is work...which really isn't too much of a problem. I'm making about enough to cover my tuition but I can't complain since I also get a lil' extra for food money. I want to visit my friends for Christmas and am currently working towards that. I'm trying to convince my boss to give me Tuesdays in addition to my other days...but then I'd only be off on Sunday and I'd have no real time for Homework. So, a full-time job and full-time work is difficult. I'm thinking of once all my tuition is payed, getting a part-time job elsewhere, but then it would be my fourth job and I'm not sure how good that would look on me when I go to be a forensic psychology. Interviewer: It says here you quit four jobs? Oh, that last gave you too much work..during the bum end of a recession? Are you serious? 

Probably wouldn't work out to my favor.

All in all though, things are all good. Even if I can't visit friends, I'm gonna send them some suave presents and I can always visit when one graduates later this year. 
What Glee I have by sorrowscall
What Glee I have
I'm still alive! Honest! I went ahead and did this instead of working on some homework from college before work..because looking at knowledgeable documentation started making me crazy.
Gravity Falls and all related characters belong to Alex Hirsch


the living end
United States
Current addictions: Anime, art, rpg games, Christmas, lots of stuff.
  • Mood: Thrilled
  • Listening to: blender tutorials
  • Watching: blender tutorials
  • Eating: I wish
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper

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