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First of all, let me say that you have come a long way in a short time! While I usually expect to see luminescent glow effects in your ...

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Okay, right now, I need commissions. Lots of them. Because of stuff. So, I'll be doing 10cent commissions payable via Paypal for the next day or so. That does not mean that the art will suffer. It just means that I'm selling them at 1ocents each out of desperation. Offer ends on Friday.
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Adoptable Auction: Chibis
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  Benny Hopper and most of her family cradled themselves into the nearest shade to get out of the intense Texas heat. Her father's car had broken down along the side of the room around twenty or so minutes ago and her mother offered to take the children and look for a repairman or a phone to call one.
As luck would have it, or not, they found themselves within the confines of a shoddy bar labeled Farside Pub.

  “Mom, I don't like this place.”

  Piped up Benny's annoying older sister in that horrid nasally voice she insisted on using whenever they were in public or when she wanted to make a point; the poor girl thought it made her sound more mature.

   “Now dear, don't worry too much. We'll find a phone, call a mechanic, and get something to eat while we're at it. Everyone here seems positively friendly. I wonder if their having a Halloween party? Their costumes are to die for.”

   Came the caring voice of Benny's mother in order to pacify her two young daughters. Benny herself could say nothing. Even if she wanted to speak, she was an eight year old mute and thus couldn't. She didn't even know enough sign language yet to really constitute full sentences. However, she felt inclined to agree with her mother via a nod as to the costumes. They were, in fact, to die for.

 Down the way, a middle-aged man of a slightly big figured called out to the family as he made long strides towards them.

 “Can ah get ya gals anything to drink?”

 His tone was jovial and overly friendly. Not to mention his accent left something to be said for southern hospitality. It dripped in how friendly it was and Benny herself found herself jealous that he could speak at all.




 The medium build man looked at the mother as if to question why a woman who brought children in the bar would ask for Tequila in the middle of the day. He seemed to think better of it as he instead wrote down the drink orders onto a pad with a pen that had been safely tucked away in his hand.

 “That's one water, a Tequila, and one lemonade. Right?”

 Benny looked up. How did the man know that she wanted lemonade? She looked down at her spot at the table to see her hand was laying over a picture of lemonade on the menu. Oh, that explained it. Behind her, a man dressed up as though he were a zombie groaned and put up the two fingers he had left; that makeup was really spot-on.

  “Alright, make that two lemonades.”

  Benny was at that age when children do things against their better judgment. She knew she shouldn't get up and sign to her mother she was going to use the bathroom. However, she didn't think much of the little white lie as she trailed behind the man. She found herself soon sitting at the bar, enjoying listening to the older people's strange conversations and a limitless amount of lemonade. It seemed soon the lie would be a truth if she continued on with her seating arrangement.

  “What's yer name kiddo?”

   The man asked after a while. She'd been staring at him silently for a while. Not much usually phased him but being watched by the likes of a primary school child was a new one even to him.


  Her only response was met with a moment of silence of his own.

“Well, ah am the barkeep. You need anythin' then ya just lemme know darlin'”


   “Ya don' talk much do ya darlin'?”


  The man looked away to see if maybe her family were ready for refills on their drinks. He could bring the child back to them and maybe tell them to be more careful. The family, however, were not at their table. As a matter of fact, they weren't anywhere in the bar. It was hard to check with Benny constantly close behind the man but he'd managed to do it. He thought she'd scream at some of the less savory parts but other than a wide-eyed expression in some areas, she remained silent to everything.

 Benny, after several hours, was starting to worry. She'd realized her family had gone. She'd realized they probably hadn't figured out she wasn't with them yet. What she didn't realize is her mother was probably drunk enough from all her Tequilas that she probably didn't remember her daughter at all. She also didn't realize that her father could have cared less if he did notice; one less mouth to feed after all.

  Eventually, and to the chagrin of Benny but to the relief of the barkeep, someone did come to claim the child. It was a stranger neither had seen before in their lifetimes. He wore a grey-sweater over a nice buttoned up white shirt and a pair of firmly fitted black jeans.

“I'm here for my daughter. Benny, are you ready to go?”

The strange man simply picked up the silent girl in her arms while she looked over to the barkeep as if to try and tell him to help; To try to tell him that she didn't know this man nor did she know why he knew her name.

 “Well, ahlright. Come back anytime but ya know, maybe keep the tots away at night?”

  Were the last words that little girl would ever hear from the barkeep as she was carried away by the man who knew her name.
Farside Pub: Family
sort of a challenge thing. :icondyxo: owns Farside Pub and the Barkeep.
Escape From Horrland Redux

Warning: This version is written by an older more mature me...heh..yeah right. But seriously though, this one isn't all cutesy and fangirlish like the last one..this one is my attempt at terror. Which is sort of what I failed to do with my first one. Anyway, I will continue this version if you all want, but for now this is just a second attempt at the first chapter of my old fic Escape From Horrorland. Alot of things will be different. You've been warned.

  Kal Tupelo was a young up and comer. He was also a horror whom was being taught 'responsibility' by picking up the garbage around the park as part of his unwanted part-time job as a janitor for the less dangerous attractions. His dad had mentioned something about it helping him to get to know the park better. Hog-wash. His father could care less about him so long as his precious park was well taken care of.

  The young green monster found himself sweeping the new exhibit thanks to this. It was an exhibit where the so-called survivors of horrorland would be dressed up in costumes and put within cages as a 'monster' exhibit for visitors to look out. The turmoil and anguish as what park-goers just assumed were paid actors as they asked for freedom and help had proven to be a big hit. Actually, it was odd to the young monster how quiet it was in this patch of cages. Most were empty and awaiting new arrivals to be caught except for one.

 A little ways away from where he was sweeping stood a cage with the barely visible figure of a girl probably a year or two younger than him sitting behind it's bars in silent acceptance and a far-away look on his face. She'd been the first; she'd came to the front of the park months ago and fainted at the entrance. Nobody of the higher ups knew what to do so they stuck her in a cage and his father Horrifico eventually turned the idea into an attraction.

 "You didn't drop any deuces on your hay did you?"

 He asked slowly with a chuckle. He was clearly amused by the thought of this unknown girl's suffering. To be frank, sometimes he would visit her and poke his pointed claws through the bars and watch as she shrank back; that's one thing he knew...she feared anything sharp; Especially his claws and horns.

 "I didn't,"

 She spoke up as he watched her form move to the back of the cage.

  "Good. Don't need you smelling up the place for the other guests."

 He howled in laughter after that quip and continued his job of sweeping the area while listening to the quiet sobs the young girl began to emit. After a while, even the sobbing stopped and her voice meekly replaced them as Kal finished his work.

 "Your hair isn't like the others. It'"

 The girl spoke up as her eyes became visible as she neared the bars; she was a brunette with brown eyes and she was dressed up in a clearly terribly made horror costume; fake claw paws and a hat with fake horns sown onto them crudely.

 Kal himself did a quick combing swipe through of his hair with his claws as he seemed to just now realize it himself.

 "Oh, yeah, it is."

  It's all he managed to say really. He didn't know how to respond honestly.

"I like it,"

 came the meek compliment of the girl as she retreated back into her cage and once again out of Kal's view. She likely retracted from her position in case he'd approach the cage. She was right to think such as the compliment did in fact cause him to near the tiny abode.

"You like my hair?"

  He sneered as he snatched part of the offending follicles from the side of his head and threw some over the hay.

 "Why don't you use it to keep warm tonight?"

He crowed before continuing his conversation. He was actually starting to enjoy something that wasn't silence now that his job was over for the night.

"It's not really normal for a horror to have hair like mine. I get it from my mother's side. She' you. Uhm, human? I don't really get why my dad had a fling with an-...I don't even want to think about it. But, yeah, here I am. Oh, and here you are. Though I can't say I'd want to be you. I don't much like cages."

 He explained as though it were the most natural thing to talk about with a captive human.

"I don't really like them either."

 There was a short pause and a stifled giggle. Had the young lady laughed? It sounded nice to hear something that wasn't a cackle or a howl or a caw or even a crow. He'd of complimented how nice it sounded if he knew how to be nice. Unfortunately the only person he knew who could even feign such a thing was someone he'd no interest in. Thankfully, that horror was a ticket-taker and his shift had ended hours ago.

"You are a horror, that's what they call your kind right? You scare humans."

 He nodded at the observation she gave and rolled his eyes. After months, this was an obvious conclusion to come to.

"Who are you anyway? Do you have a name or are you just a pinkish fleshy thing with hair?" He asked rudely.

 "Oh...Xer-...just call me X...It's easier to pronounce. Or Mystery. I know it sounds cheesy but other than my name, I don't remember much more than my time in the park."

She admitted.

 "That's normal. I think dad administers some kind of serum...makes it easier to deal with you things."

Kal admitted before opening the cage to a very shocked young X.

 "Don't make me regret this. I help one night. Tomorrow, your not go back in the cage. Deal?"

X nodded her head; she clearly looked confused at the young teenage horror. He himself on the other hand just found it an interesting way to pass the rest of his night off.

"Let's go."


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Okay, right now, I need commissions. Lots of them. Because of stuff. So, I'll be doing 10cent commissions payable via Paypal for the next day or so. That does not mean that the art will suffer. It just means that I'm selling them at 1ocents each out of desperation. Offer ends on Friday.

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