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First of all, let me say that you have come a long way in a short time! While I usually expect to see luminescent glow effects in your ...

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Horrorland Redux: Part 2

 X nervously kept looking towards Kal's back as they navigated through the turns of the park. She wanted to thank him again, but didn't know how without somehow offending the unusually dressed young horror. Finally, she opted to silently follow him to whichever exit he was leading her to. It didn't take long, within the first twenty minutes of her freedom, the pair found themselves face to face with the entrance closest to a ticket booth in the part of the park that looked similar to a horrific carnival.

 A skateboard lay still next to the ticket booth while a horror similarly wearing something that was not like that of the horrors she'd usually seen sat his head upon it while snoring; proving he was in fact asleep. X wasn't too sure if he was as he'd move the skateboard around in his sleep. Kal seemed to move as though he were about to kick the smaller horror but looked towards X and must've thought better of it.

  "This should be the way out."

 Kal boredly pointed towards the exit looming in front of them. It was made too look like a mouth agape, with sharpened teeth protruding down from the above portion as a warning to all those who were fool enough to enter the park in the first place. Since the exits doubled as entrances, most saw it as their first scare of Horrorland. The back of the tongue looked moist; as though it truly were a tongue, while the skin of the 'monster' seemed to melt slowly while X looked at it as if unsure about walking through it.

"It's really the exit,"

 Kal assured her while roughly pushing her forward, as if to hurry her out of the park. It had been fun the first five or six minutes, but now he was bored. X didn't do much more than any scared park patron would do, and she hadn't talked much either. Kal just wanted to get this girl out of his hair, call it a night, and go back to life as usual.

 However, the minute X stepped towards the exit, she felt a force at the back of her heels that made her fall on her butt; landing on something that seemed to teeter back and forth as she tried to get back up; an embarrassed look on her face. Looking behind her, she noticed the item in question had been the sleeping horror's skateboard. Said sleeping horror was now groggily waking up and rubbing his eyes.

  "That exit is out of order right now, you'll have to use a different one. You should know that Kal."

 He tiredly explained while pointing towards the exit. The teeth of it had all elongated and now the tongue of the entrance seemed to be oozing a red substance onto the ground from where the teeth now poked into it. X grimaced, it was like looking at a monster biting it's tongue; realizing that she had almost been it's meal.

 "T-thanks for the warning."

  She squeaked; handing him back his skateboard and noticing that he was somewhat shorter than Kal but about an inch taller than her; it made her feel small and she didn't like feeling small in such a scary place.

 "You could stay at the Terror Inn, but I think that dummy might be throwing some weird party there in a month or so and he's been working with the horrors in charge of the place every night for it. It's kind of fun to pester them, but you morons are probably better off finding Mickey or chilling at the abandoned haunted house."

 The horror explained, continuously eying X as if he wasn't sure just why she was out of the cage he'd seen her in on days before this.

 "well, I got you to the exit, it's broken. I did my part. Anything from now on is your problem girl. "

 Kal said before giving an annoyed wave and walking off into the night towards the abandoned haunted house anyway; he usually stayed in an empty room on it's second floor.

 "Wait! Kal?!"

 X managed to shout, but it was too late. He was gone. The only person who'd helped her just left; she felt water begin to swell from her eyes but she was trying very hard not to let them out as tears. The other horror hopped onto his skateboard and started circling around X while he talked to her.

 "I know where he's going."

He sang; leaning forwards so that his backwards red cap and a small tuft of hair covered his yellow eyes.

 "Will you take me there? Please?"

X asked hopefully; she wasn't sure she'd be able to navigate the park on her own, and she felt she'd need Kal's help; he seemed to know where all of the exits were.


The horror sang as he motioned for her to follow him as he skated off down a dirt path leading out of the carnival area that was lit up only by the use of sporadic streetlights that offered very little luminescence to begin with.

 "Watch the tail!"

Her new companion called out as he sped ahead in the dark on his ride.

  Admittedly, after so long, it was nice to be able to use her legs more but X was not the best of runners; she couldn't keep up well with someone on a skateboard. Eventually, his taunting voice and reminders of his name 'Gary' or not to touch his tail died down to small cries in the distance. The lamps themselves died from view sooner than the voice had; she was now truly alone in the dark. All X could do was continue to move forward blindly.

  "Are we there ye-ooohmph!!!"

 X cried loudly as she fell into a hole in front of her. At least, she was relatively sure it was some kind of hole; she couldn't really see anything throughout the darkness surrounding her. She called out to the horror Gary, but received no answer. He was probably too far ahead to hear her, maybe he'd turn back when he found out nobody was following him? Yes, X reasoned, that would make sense. But, wouldn't he have fallen into the hole too? She knew he had gone this way.

 It must have been an hour later when a light shined into X's entrapment, she was covered in the mud and dirt of the trap and a few leaves had attached themselves to her hair as if it was Velcro.

  "Still here human?"

 Gary asked; a clearly amused expression on his face.

 "I-I fell in. I don't know how to get out. Will you please help?"

 X asked; trying to reach a hand to Gary's olive claws just out of reach.

"You know, I don't really feel like helping a human right now. Watching you try to claw your way out of there like an animal sounds kind of like way more fun than messing with Slappy does right now."

The short horror explained while making himself comfortable in a sitting position to watch X while she clutched at clumps of dirt only for them to crumble in her hands.

 "Why would you do this? I never did anything to you."

X cried, still trying to get out of the hole.

"First of all, I dug this myself, your slower than the dirt you're trying to get out of, and I'm really smart, unlike these other losers, so I doubt you'll be able to figure out how to get out of there unless I tell you how. Second, yes you did. You didn't stop to think maybe the guy who stopped you from being exit chow might be a little bit more of a help to you than that stupid janitor. Third, and most importantly, I just don't like Kal nor anybody who likes him. You're all hopeless losers."

   Gary yelled; obviously angry that X hadn't seemed to realize two of those three faults in her logic. After a moment, the grimace on his face returned back to a smile.

 "I'm not that bad X. You'll see. If you don't get out by daylight. I'll help you out myself."

 Offered Gary while holding out a claw for her to shake; before bringing it back before she could grab onto it and hooted in laughter.

 "Nothing's ever that easy. You got til' morning to get out of there."

 Needless to say, X spent the night digging through grime and soil, dirt and leaves, trying to find the trick to how to get out of her entrapment. Whenever she was almost out, the earth would give way and she would be back to square one. However, it was now starting to be lighter outside, and she could start to make out the nooks and crannies of the hole she was imprisoned in; Gary laughing at her all the while.

  Once Gary was sure the sun was up, he leaned down, offering his clawed hand to her.

"Come on, you've been at this for hours, it's not any fun watching this any more."

 X just swatted his hand away; not willing to take his help.

 "Just take the hand, a moron like you is going to need all the allies you can in this place."

  Gary reasoned with her. He wasn't in the mood to deal with some girl he barely knew and her drama with him. He really wasn't in the mood to deal with anyone's drama to be fair. He had other things on his mind, like his own escape of the park. Escaping was a little different for Horrors; yet so much simpler for humans. A lot of them could just walk out and be done with it; Horrors couldn't.

 X looked at him, her best attempt at a scowl (it looked more like a pouting face, but she tried), before finally choosing to take his clawed hand and lift herself out of the hole. She looked at him a long time, not sure what to say, but instead shrugged her shoulders.

 "Do you know another way out of the park?"

She asked him.

  "So what if I do? You can just get Kal to help you."

Gary smirked; knowing where this was going.

"Will me get out of the park?"

She asked incredulously. Gary nodded and smiled; glad to see this X person was finally starting to show a backbone.

 "Yeah, I'll help. But first lets go find your boyfriend."

Gary hooted as the pair made their way out of the woods and into vampire village; where the haunted house was.

 "He's not my boyfriend!"

X loudly exclaimed through a blush as the two continued their walk.
Escape From Horrorland Redux part 2
Mickey belongs to :iconwicker123:
Gary belongs to :iconitsaaudra:
Horrorland and Slappy belong to R.L Stine (Goosebumps series also belongs to him.)
Kal and X belong to me.
Kalflash by sorrowscall
Kal Tupelo belongs to me.
Horrors in general and Horrorland usually belong to R.L Stine.
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  • Watching: blender tutorials
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Okay, right now, I need commissions. Lots of them. Because of stuff. So, I'll be doing 10cent commissions payable via Paypal for the next day or so. That does not mean that the art will suffer. It just means that I'm selling them at 1ocents each out of desperation. Offer ends on Friday.

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